A Black Swan Flew Over Tiananmen Square Which In Chinese Culture Is A Foreshadowing Of Disastrous Events

A Black Swan Flew Over Tiananmen Square Which In Chinese Culture Is A Foreshadowing Of Disastrous Events

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  1. This is additionally interesting in that Black Swans are only native to Australia. They are introduced to a lot of places as ornamental animals but they rarely establish a breeding population.

  2. Tourists at Tiananmen Square, China Was later remembered Black swan Landed in the center of Beijing.

    Despite great interest, the black swan seemed relaxed, so the crowd gathered around the rare bird to take pictures.

    Black Swan has symbolic importance in some cultures due to its charm and rarity, and its appearance raises some imminent doomsday concerns.

    With clips shared by twitter You can see the black swans looking around the crowd and rippling their wings.

    According to one person who shared a wonderful video, it is the first time that a black swan has landed on Tiananmen Square in “decades”.

    The black swan landed at Tiananmen Square on Sunday morning

    “Omen? A black swan landed on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square this morning, but it didn’t happen for decades. It quickly became a tourist sensation,” he tweeted.

    The first video was released by bird lover @linjianyangbe, who was worried that the swan might have landed because he was hurt.

    “It’s a bit strange to land on the square because there’s no water. The place with water is pretty close to the square. I hoped it wouldn’t be hurt and was forced to do so,” they posted to their account. bottom.

    according to CFI References to black swan are used to “mean very negative events or events that are unpredictably difficult.”

    They are “black swan” events that affect the financial world and business, often used as symbols of unknown or unexpected events.

    The term was reportedly spread by former Wall Street trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

    Earlier this year, a is Xi Jinping Jintao Chinese leaders, warned in his speech at the Politburo meeting as a “black swan” the events of the “white rhino”.

    Xinhua News Agency, a state-run news agency, reported in January that President Xi said China should be aware of various risks and challenges and plan an emergency response plan for the “Black Swan” and “Gray Sai” events.

    The “gray rhino” image is used to symbolize a threat that is very obvious but ignored.

    According to the Beijing Daily, the state media, the swans were taken out of Tiananmen Square by the animal protection department and sent to Shunyi District around 8 am on Sunday.

    Edit: Source changed because no one is ever happy enough.

  3. I don’t think swans of any color mean shit in Chinese culture. If the Chinese are spooked by a swan or some other animal, then we have been wasting a bunch of tax payer dollars on our military. We should have just invested in a bunch of swans and released them from the US embassy in Beijing.

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