Five Powerful Heat Domes are Spreading over the Northern Hemisphere as Dozens of Countries Continue to Record their Highest Temperatures Ever Observed Including Northern Ireland

Five Powerful Heat Domes are Spreading over the Northern Hemisphere as Dozens of Countries Continue to Record their Highest Temperatures Ever Observed Including Northern Ireland

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  1. Person from Northern Ireland checking in. It’s getting pretty spicy outside here and we do not have air conditioning in our houses. Until now it was completely unnecessary.

  2. Republic of Ireland here. The 1887 record of 33.3C is still standing but could fall before the end of the week. Though the heatwave is predicted to end in thunderstorms on Friday.

    It’s also important to understand Irish homes are built to keep heat in not let it out and private residences don’t have air conditioning. It’s hotter inside here than it is out!

  3. Heat Domes, another phrase to add to the list for this century: Anthropogenic Climate Disruption – Polar Vortex – Fire Tornado – Coral Bleaching – Ocean Acidification

  4. We need a carbon absorption Manhattan project. All nations of the world should contribute resources into combatting this. Our reduce / reuse / recycle mentality has only served to recycle the problem into new forms of business that do nothing but make money off the issue while fixing nothing.
    Carbon credits etc.

    Humans were smart enough to kill the planet, maybe this is the great filter.

  5. Northern Irish guy here. The weather in the UK and Ireland right now is the hottest I’ve ever experienced as a 27 year old. We’re used to seeing temperatures in the summer averaging 15c (59f). As of the 17th July we’ve reached our hottest ever recorded temp at 31.2c (88.16f) and it’s possible that it could be exceeded further tomorrow looking at the weather forecasts.

  6. Every time I read about something like this, I think of Donald Trump, in the middle of winter, saying, “We sure could use some of that global warming huh?”

    My conservative coworkers have been parroting that line (which I’m sure Trump yoinked from someone else) since the day he said it. Every winter, it’s the same shit. I hate people.

  7. Oh shoot, this is serious. I was unlucky enough to experience a heat dome recently. It was insane. Everything feels hot. The wind is like a blow dryer set to hot, you pant from the heat and your mouth instantly dries. Just a few minutes even in indirect sunlight and anything on you (clothes, hair, backpack, anything) feels burning to the touch.

    These are no joke.

  8. My conservative father in-law:

    It’s the natural cycles of the planet
    Scientist just want more grant money

    I love him, but conservative thinking is killing us.

  9. My dad told me, in the eyes, that he doesn’t care because he’s gonna be dead when shit gets real.
    First, I think he will still be around considering how much of a shit show it is, and second, he’s telling this to his own son who will not escape it.

    If this generation fucked it up so hard yet does not care about their legacy, that’s going to be tough to change drastically until they leave and we get to handle things as a majority.

  10. We are so screwed.

    I was telling a friend the other day that it seems to me we are way off in our predictions and how long it will take to reach them.

    I’m turning 40 this year and if I live to 80 I think it’ll be 6-8 degrees F hotter than average temps as a child.

    I feel so bad for my son and future generations. I just hope we think our way out of it because we sure aren’t working hard enough on the problem en masse yet.

  11. I’ve been doing site work in England the last two weeks. I literally found tar melting on site and decided it was a good time to tell everyone to take a long water break in the shade. Doing manual labour in this weather is no joke.

    My car recorded mid 30s/90s even after AC and driving around a bit.

    *In England.*

  12. Gee, if only we’d had some warning about this. If only we’d had decades of scientists telling us this would happen. Then perhaps bright, honest politicians all over the world could have made informed, science-based decisions to create policies to mitigate the changing of the climate.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just watch the world burn in our apathy.

  13. Canada checking in…. We had ours last month. Remember us hitting 49c, and then the entire town that set the record burned down the next day? We’ve now got a state of emergency cuz our rainforests are all on fire.

    I’ll repeat, since attention spans are short: Canada. Is. On. Fire.

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