I’ve stared at this for an hour trying to figure out what I’m missing

I’ve stared at this for an hour trying to figure out what I’m missing

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  1. As someone who’s worked with people who make instruction manuals.

    They accidentally put the same picture in twice. And it’s probably two completely different pictures on the website.

  2. I commented with this in response to another post last week, but (my apologies) I thought it was fitting to repeat here:

    Several years ago, my wife and I decided we needed a bookcase in the kitchen for cookbooks and such. We found one at Walmart that wasn’t really big (just 2 shelves), and not expensive. The box was flat, so I knew I’d have to put it together, which wasn’t going to be difficult. When we got home, I opened the box, and the instructions were on top of the unassembled parts.

    The first step in the instructions explained how to open the box.

  3. The comments…. 😂

    I have a similar firepit, so just checked to see what the first picture *should* look like. The legs are supposed to be straighter in the first picture. So what the warning *should* be telling you is to make sure the legs are angled outwards, to lock into place. Hope that helps. Now back to your regularly scheduled funny comments….

  4. The person who wrote the instructions were wrongly instructed by their instructor which is why the instructions are structured in such an unstructured structure.

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